No more shame!

Memories of our lives,

Of our work and our deeds,

Will continue in others,

Wise words,

Of a lady,

Who stole our hearts,

She learned us,

That to overcome racism,

We must prepare our children,

For what is to come,

Tired of giving in,

We have to stand up,

For eachother,

For our countries,

I learned from this person,

That we can’t ignore,

The problems in our society,

Cause they will hit back,


No more ignoring,

Everyday racism,


Me too,

Teached that,

there is hope,

More people coming forth,

And we can see the effects,

No more shame,

In 1913,

A freedom-fighter,

Was born,

Her name was,

Rosa Parks,


Calmness gives me chills,

Happiness is a thrill,

Hoping is the fill,

Depression is guilt,

Mastering my emotions,

One step at a time,

Controlling my mind,

Spirit of endless times,

Look inside your soul,

See what It beholds,

You may find gold,

Be bold,

Cause life is an endless race,

Keep up the pace,

Long lasting feeling,

Of anger,

Show me your path,

And I will join you,

Show me all that,

And I will show me,

Showing is believing,

Oh, I love the feeling,

Calmness in reverse,

Feel like I’m being cursed,

A spell of infinite possibilities,

With endless connections,


I am at a loss for words,

I keep thinking of what I just heard,

I keep going in circles,

Where is my spot in this world,

I need a girl,

Who make my head twirl,

Sharing the centre like a curl,

Making me unwhirl,

My head spinning,

How can I be winning,

When I’m always second,

I recon,

My weekdays goes in one,

I feel like I won’t remember no-one,

It’s all mixed like crum,

Help me some,


Now what is,


It’s what you got to learn to be in this life biz,

Open question,

No quiz,

Is everything combined,

Can you tell a criminal,

The biggest fault wasn’t the crime,

But not believing that you can shine,

Make yourself chime,

We can all climb,

Become succesful,

In mind,

You will find,

You’re good enough,

All the time,

Bide on the tides

Trapped in a box,

Outside but still inside,

Don’t feel like leaving,

I bide,

My self esteem,

rise and pull back like a tide,

No reason to hide,

These things happen in a lot of people’s lives,

Wanting a new apartment,

A new ride,

I feel like I’m in a downwards slide,

The girl of my dreams just lies,

Sitting home alone,

Where no one can hear my cries,

Life is difficult,

Can you tell me why,

I’ll be missing you,

But it’s time to say goodbye,

Want to give up but I have too try,

I want this to be what people remember me by,

Let me know

You got what I need,

You light up like a candel,

Yes indeed,

Let’s plant our seed,

You and me,

Chillin in the park,

Playing cards,

Until it’s too dark,

You got my heart,

Share trust with me,

Come on baby,

Let’s make it what it’s supposed to be,

Like feeling hot sand on your feet,

You make me smile,

My happiness is with you,

I love your style,

You can be a little wild,

I like it,

Not despite it,

My life is,

So much better with you,

I don’t know what else I would do,

Nothing has ever felt so real,

My stomach spinning like a wheel,

My heart was made of steel,

Nothing could appeal,

Now I’m more open,

Ready to feel,

Feel good outside

I wanna play in the sand,

Play soccer and stand on my hands,

Working out with resistance bands,

Be out in the sun and get a tan,

It’s time to feel happy,

My ears are flapping,

Zapping on the telly,

Nobody can tell me,

That I ain’t happy,

I need to be out in the sun,

No work need to be done,

I can have some fun,

I am ready to go out and explore,

Feeling like I need to do this more,

Get out by the shore,

Do my chores then out and walk,

A lot of people talk the talk,

But I actually walk the walk

Life goes on

I keep moving to keep my balance,

Always moving,

I can’t sit still or the world turn on me,

I want to find out the meaning of my being,

I want to write history out of the future,

Life goes on even when you don’t want to,

It’s hard to hang on but you got to,

I live for today dream about tomorrow,

The past is the past I won’t let it linger,

Forgiveness is love and compassion,

It will recieve happiness and peace,

Trust your inner voice telling you what to do,

Focus on not your inabilities but your strength,

In the wierdest places you may find friends,

The worst feeling is being crippeled in the spirit,

Focus on what matters to you,

And you will capture it,

War zone

The gravel hurts my feet,
I see an insect,
I bow down with desire,
I put my hands together,
I get the insect to climb on my hands,
It is as if the world has stopped,
I hear no gunshots,
Before, I heard shots every minute,
The insect is a peaceful being,
I think,
The insect lives in me,
I am also peaceful,

Please stop the fights,
Nothing good comes out of it,
We have to live without water,
Just because some people are fighting,
We only want peace
The streets ain’t safe with our police,
The rich run of with all the money,
The military use unnecessary force,
I don’t know what to eat,
Please leave us alone,


Do you remember a simpler time,
Do you surrender to a beautiful smile,
Cause it makes you feel happy inside,
Or are you hard as steel,
Making you seem file,
What should you do,
When you know it ain’t cool,
Slinging that dope instead of going to school,
Do you need correction,
A supervision,
Get rid of your suspition,
When you stop drifting,

The waves come and go,
When your mood is low,
What makes it so,
Do you steal from your fellow man,
Do you bot have a plan,
Life is in your hands,
Stop pitting your head in the sand,
You may be dirty but don’t worry,
Every man has it’s plight,
You may think you ain’t right,
You want a different life,
You just got to never stop the fight,

What if

What if the world was yours,
How would you treat it,
Would you be a better leader,
What if you were alone,
How would you lead on,
Would it be better that everyone’s gone
What if cars didn’t exist,
How would you move quick,
Would you not fall into a ditch,

What if you was evil,
How would you hurt people,
Would you try and cripple,
What if you loved someone,
How would you move on,
Would you stay strong,
What if there were total honesty,
How would you treat treasonry,
Would you say that lies are make believe,