Ol’ dirt I’m bringing

Mob for life,

Don’t focus on the heart,

Focus on what’s right,

Beat dropping quick,

Change the lights,

Farewell tomorrow,

Bye yesterday,

Think like a star,

Shining all day,

I am the horror,

I am the dream,

A recognizable force,

A storm in between,

Break my balls,

If you can,

I don’t follow your lead,

I take a chance,

Happy thoughts,

Happy family,

All my life,

I dream about,

A happy salary,

No cash no charge,

Breaking the rhythm,

in half,

Please excuse my language,

But fuck,

I thought of the past,

You think I’m smart,

Too old for the big boys,

My face you see boy,

Living in love,

Think I’m a toy,

Saying jojo,


Accappella children,

Food I’m bringing,

Trying to avoid this low lifes,

Wishing to be singing,

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