I didn’t want to quit

I think people are out to get me,


They don’t follow the rules,


Straight up fools,


People like me are unusual,


Like jewels,


Always so cool,


Since middle school,


Hanging with my boys,


Was all I did,


Then came drugs,


And money problems came with,


I didn’t know what to do,


I had no job,


No money came through,


So I started smoking more,


To digest my problems,


Didn’t see my parent,


I didn’t involve em,


Me and my family had a disagreement,


Cause I said no to treatment,


I didn’t want to stop the smoke,


I let myself be provoked,


Then a change came,


I didn’t want weed,


 to be associated with my name,


I took the blame,


Finally me and myself,


Felt the same,


It’s 9 months since,


I quit the dope game,


My past brings me shame,


But I’m looking forward,


Singing like a bird,


Time to let my voice,


Be heard,



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