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Peace – SoundCloud

This song is about the Israelian and Palestinian conflict. I created this song because I read this book bout Israel. Called “Catch 67” by Micah Goodman. It is an interesting book. One thing I didn’t know about this conflict was that Palestinians said no to Israel, eho offered them peace deal, twice! Also they was… Continue reading Peace – SoundCloud

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Base – Be Your Own Joy – SoundCloud

This song is about not getting caught up in what other people do. Focus on yourself! Create your own happiness. I also point out that I think realism is better way to run a country and that i feel like countries should be leaving Europe because they must learn to think for themselves Listen to… Continue reading Base – Be Your Own Joy – SoundCloud

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Base – Embodiment – SoundCloud

I rap about being in relaxed state nd that I feel like we in a point where nobody is happy in their lives. The world is full of anxiety nd other mental difficulties. Also a lot of what we get from the mainstream media is rubbish. Seems like conflict is probing. Listen to Embodiment by… Continue reading Base – Embodiment – SoundCloud

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Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

This song is qbout how we need to question our stands in life. Sometimes we do things just because we’ve been doing it for ages, so it is a sentimental thing. I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. I want to become more than I already am. Listen to Learning To Grow by Base… Continue reading Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

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Hope in a straw

My business is my business, There’s no way to twist it, I am guilty and charged, I need to enlarge my feeling of being in charge, I want to create something, I want to love somebody, Like I’ve never been loved, I look for you in fear of me being shut up, I don’t want… Continue reading Hope in a straw