Base – Burning desire

Hello good people. I hope you are great. I am just splendid right now. I can’t explain. I’ll tell you why. For the last two weeks I’ve worked with creating my first hip hop song. It’s just crazy how time flies when you do something you enjoy. My time spent making the beat and working… Continue reading Base – Burning desire

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Damn hard

It’s so complicated some times, Having a good time is hard, I don’t want to judge so I sit back, With the coffee in my hand, Looking at the stars, I don’t want to waste time, The intricate things in life, Are always blissful too me, I don’t like ass-kissing, Either show respect or get… Continue reading Damn hard


The day after tomorrow

Is my personality, A handicap or a skill, Maybe it’s neither, I don’t know what it could be, Maybe it’s not working, I don’t sleep well often, I am without sin, I don’t want you to be, My grapevine, I don’t like you as much as you think, I don’t despiase you, It’s not a… Continue reading The day after tomorrow


Just a friend

I think I’m running late, The clock is wrong, So I am always out early, The sky is still yellow, I think I am great, Smiling saying hello, The music gives me something, Thats invaluable, Calculating thoughts, Is challengeable, I don’t want to fail, It’s never enough, Breaking in and out of jail, Ain’t tough,… Continue reading Just a friend


Ol’ dirt I’m bringing

Mob for life, Don’t focus on the heart, Focus on what’s right, Beat dropping quick, Change the lights, Farewell tomorrow, Bye yesterday, Think like a star, Shining all day, I am the horror, I am the dream, A recognizable force, A storm in between, Break my balls, If you can, I don’t follow your lead,… Continue reading Ol’ dirt I’m bringing