I feel it deep inside,
My hesrt is bumping for you,
Like a carrier I am riding,
It’s a bumpy ride,
But with you by my side,
It’s worth it,
You give ne light,
When I am at my darkest place,
I need your help,
And you show me the way,
I know I want you,
I need you close to me,
I feel it burn,
You are the only one,

Shake this feeling

Eating pizza,
Can’t shake this feeling,
Something is wrong,
Drinking coke,
Feeling the burn,
I can’t stop thinking,
Can’t shake this feeling,
My mind is so drained,
It’s a complete desert,
My focus is cluddered,

I keep thinking about women,
Can’t shake this feeling,
That I am a pig,
I hear people laughing,
I am ugly,
I am this and that,
Can’t shake this feeling,
I am to tired to be dreaming,
My engine is blocked,
I need my antidepressants,

Good for nothing

Ain’t that bad that it’s good for nothing,

Aking up to something cooking,

I peak through the window,

When nobofy is looking,

In my underwear I deserve a booking,

Ain’t that bad that it’s good for nothing,

I used to be smoking,

I am broke so I am begging,

Where is my life heading,

I need an awakening


I believe in miracles,

Thinking is me being spiritual,

I do more than usual,

I am youthful

I am content,

I have family and friends,

I can call one of them,

They all are my gems,

I like to spend time alone,

Plug out my phone,

Lay back and listen to a song,

I am moved with feelings,

Faith keeps me working,