The world is round,


But do we know it inside out,

Do we feel ourselves close,

Too any real truth,

I got many options,

The solutions aren’t always permanent,

I try to look with open eyes,

Nobody can decide but me,

I am ready to let go,

Learn to take one step at a time

Options are out there,

Just find the right solution for you,


I am undefined,

A turtle without purpose,

I have a Shell,

Nobodo knows,

What’s really in it,

I feel some kind of bones,

Ragged yet soft,

My Shell is not who I am,

I don’t know who I am,

My purpose is unknown too,

I feel I have no say,

In the matter,

Probably better without,

A master,

I am confined,

In your stare,

You closed me off,

I am like a truck,

I need space,

Suck on it,

Let me be,

I am grown,

But I don’t know,

My real purpose,

My inner Voice is gone,

I have no compass,

I travel the world,

With girth but no sharm,

I need work,

And I need it soon,

When your body’s not working

It’s early in the morning,

And you have been sleeping 6 hours,

Hear the alarm clock ringing,

You think that went fast,

The alarm buzz is of course annoying you,

But you say to yourself,

I got a job interview,

I can’t be late,

You pull yourself up from the bed,

You notice you have a headache,

Also you feel tired and vulnerable some how,

Taking on your clothes,

Takes longer than usual,

You feel like your in a rush,

Maybe it’s just that I have had a bad night,

Going into the kitchen,

Taking a deep breath,

You begin feeling calmer,

But something feels wrong,

It’s like you feel smaller,

Less capable,

Eating becomes a struggle,

Even brushing your teeth,

Come on you say to yourself,

I have to be ready for my job interview,

Clock begins ticking,

You rush out of your home,

With Somebody

Oh how I need,


Calm my mind,

Find ice in somebody,

I think with time,

I can learn to love somebody,

Not just anybody,

But someone wit

I can learn to gfly,

With somebody,

Reach the sky,

With somebody,

I will teach how to dance,

With somebody,

I’m gonna be on my hands,

For somebody,

I am gonna stay,

with somebody,

I am gonna see the world,

With somebody

Rest on the lap,

Of somebody,

Get a job

No prob I’ll get a job,

I am done standing around,

Like I am some kind of slob,

Steal and rob is not my kind of job,

I am diligent,

I am a law abiding citizen,

Too bad they see it as frivolent,

I try to be mimmicking,

All I get are bad looks,

The life I thought I wanted,

I took,

Now I need to find new root,

People say I am a nice human,

They don’t know,

All the trouble I am doing,

But mostly I am on the bed,

Not feeling fine but not bad,

I am glad for what I have,

I need to slow down,

Focusing my mind

Get my feet off the bed,

To be able to stand on the ground,

I think it is funny,

But how can I get more money

like2read back in effect

Good to be back

As some of you may know I’ve been working hard with my music. It’s taken me some time to work on it, and as much as it’s been fun, I also miss connecting with people in the writing genre. What I’ve experienced making poems is that no other craft has the ability to tell so much in a minimalistic way. It makes me think that writing poems is an ability that would benefit most people. I’d encourage you to try it out. If you like to find inspiration take a quick google search for poems or you could read one of mine.

What I have learned

Too be honest I wouldn’t think I’d get back to writing poems, but as I’ve learned so far is that the benefits are much better than I thought. I encourage you to read, like and follow my blog (either through mail or WordPress), so I can share my effort with you. I’ll make sure to not spam your wall or send to many emails. Anyway, have a great morning, day, evening, night, depending on where your from. Thanks!


Screaming into the microphone,

I can’t hear a thing,

I don’t know why my voice is low,

Then I hear a ring,

It’s a pocket dial,

I just export a file,

Still work on my rhymes,

I am not like grime,

Watching out for likes,

I ride the light,

I am totally in my mind,

I don’t get the signs,

Watching my steps,

My mind is wrecked,

Everybody got checked,

I am the best,

Up for grabs

I have a feeling.

That this is my time.

I have a feeling,

That I can’t leave behind,

I deserve the pleasure,

Of someone’s nice gesture,

I am a believer,

That I will find her,

Good thing I aim’t cheap,

I don’t go out for weeks,

Like a car,

I can go far,

I am a good football player,

I have the extra flavor,

I got the good pulse,

Your arms I wanna hold,