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Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

For more music by Base, go to: I think dis is my best song yet. I created a sick beat, if I had too say so myself. The lyrics is inspiree by my friends. How wome of them changed and I don’t feel like we are friends anymore. Also that I need new friends… Continue reading Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

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Plan ahead

When I groove I look moosey, I can’t stand the pity, I hope you laugh of me, Come on and tell a joke, That’s witty, Calculated messes of potato salad, Too much grinding for a ballad, Hokus pokus no more joking, Time too focus, It’s bed time and you know what happens, I become excited… Continue reading Plan ahead

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Too fill a void

My mind is maid up, I don’t need a plan, I survive by force, Being who I am, I don’t fear the worst, I expect it, So when I face problems, I don’t question it, I just live it, Nike says just do it, I say give it up, Stop remembering and think new, So… Continue reading Too fill a void

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Be prolific

My mouth is full, I have cleaned my room, Most importantly, I’ve spent time with family, The joy of playing with kids, Makes me feel so young, My mind is buzzing, With things to tell them, I think we should let kids be kids, They are not afraid, Atleast not afraid to tell their mind,… Continue reading Be prolific

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Don’t fake it

Is it better to leave words unspoken, Of course you can’t talk, With your mouth broken, Leaving to rest, I don’t quit before I pass the test, What do you want me to say, I can’t be bothered, By crazy thoughts every day, When I drop the mic, Let me know if you can feel… Continue reading Don’t fake it

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No country for old men

What is life? What,s coming after, Like two people meeting, In the face of laughter, I don’t know the origin, Of peoples sorrows, All I know is it’s frightening, Everything that’s shallow, I hope to let you know, That it was faith, That made the story told, I will die young, Because my mind ain’t… Continue reading No country for old men

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Breeze in the wind

I am a big man in a small world, A piranha supposedly, I don’t get the confusion, It’s just an illusion, Why can’t we get along, My bone and flesh is mighty, I don’t want to fight thy, I don’t want to be, A genius living in poverty, I am what I am because of… Continue reading Breeze in the wind

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I knew all along

Why am I so stressed out? I feel my breath in my chest, Not in my mouth, What can I do without? Certainly, this feeling of anxiety and doubt, All I want is to be successful, But every day before work, I am super stressful, Feel super “oul”, I consume this fast-food of stress meat,… Continue reading I knew all along