Gone without trouble

I ran away,

Noe I pay the cost,

I thought I would be better,

Now I’m later off,

I am writting you a letter,

I know you haven’t lost,

But it may make me feel better,

Too know I sought,

Yes, I ran away,

I took away in a bus,

It was not a happy day,

Felt like hitting a bus,

When I rode off,

Chances Are slim,

I know you don’t need me,

Yet it feels so grim,

So bear with me,

I feel sin,

I am small and slim,

Lights are dimmed,

Like a fire I have seen,

The lightning beam,

Flash in front of my eyes,

I shouldn’t tell you this,

But I’ve lost my mind,

What if

What if the world was yours,
How would you treat it,
Would you be a better leader,
What if you were alone,
How would you lead on,
Would it be better that everyone’s gone
What if cars didn’t exist,
How would you move quick,
Would you not fall into a ditch,

What if you was evil,
How would you hurt people,
Would you try and cripple,
What if you loved someone,
How would you move on,
Would you stay strong,
What if there were total honesty,
How would you treat treasonry,
Would you say that lies are make believe,

What you gonna do

When your mom’s at the hospital,

Because she got shot,

What you gonna do?

When you can’t finish school,

Because police came at your spot,

What you gonna do?

When you stress about an exam,

Thinking about your mom paying you 7 grand,

What you gonna do?

When you got bills and can’t pay em,

Because you have no money to lend,

What you gonna do?

When your fathers never there,

Because he ran in fear,

What you gonna do?

When the whole world’s in danger,

Because of a virus emerger,

What you gonna do?