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Groovin’ at night

Where are you now, My inspiration of all inspirations, Are you sweeping the floor, Are you done clouding my imagination, I need your love, Your smile and laughter, Once upon a time always on my mind, From here on after, I need to communicate better, My inner most feelings, It’s just that when I’m talking,… Continue reading Groovin’ at night

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Yes we can

What time is it, Let’s look at it this way, If were going the wrong way, We are shattered, If what we see live up to our expectations, We are screaming, No more left behind, The gates are closed, When I look at you, You don’t seem scared, But I know you got to be,… Continue reading Yes we can

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Nothing left to say

Filling up my time with my money, and my money with time Healthy thoughts leave me ready, I can’t escape whats fortold,I can’t live up to the expectations, Once I am gone I will be dead Time travells so fast its unstoppable Look at my feelings of guilt, You can’t notice the rain when it’s… Continue reading Nothing left to say

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The main thing

It’s good to have a system of thoughts, So, you don’t have to doubt yourself all the time, With doubt comes confusion and fear, To become more confident you must act, Not wait for things to happen by themselves, With action you choose what to thrive for, Therefore, you have made a commitment and a… Continue reading The main thing

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Positive input

Positivity, to me, isn’t about getting rid of your negative emotions, Sure, you don’t want to feel sad all the time, It’s good to try to see things in different light, But positivity is more about having a bright view of life, Although you encounter trouble, It’s all about accepting the world as it is,… Continue reading Positive input