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Peace – SoundCloud

This song is about the Israelian and Palestinian conflict. I created this song because I read this book bout Israel. Called “Catch 67” by Micah Goodman. It is an interesting book. One thing I didn’t know about this conflict was that Palestinians said no to Israel, eho offered them peace deal, twice! Also they was… Continue reading Peace – SoundCloud

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Base – Be Your Own Joy – SoundCloud

This song is about not getting caught up in what other people do. Focus on yourself! Create your own happiness. I also point out that I think realism is better way to run a country and that i feel like countries should be leaving Europe because they must learn to think for themselves Listen to… Continue reading Base – Be Your Own Joy – SoundCloud

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Base – Hunter (youtube)

This is a song inspired by Linton Kwesi Johnson. I like his style and it gave me neq ideas of how to write a rap that I will take with mw in the future. Fiest of all i learnt that it isn’t what you write but how you write it that matters.

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Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

This song is qbout how we need to question our stands in life. Sometimes we do things just because we’ve been doing it for ages, so it is a sentimental thing. I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. I want to become more than I already am. Listen to Learning To Grow by Base… Continue reading Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

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Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

For more music by Base, go to: I think dis is my best song yet. I created a sick beat, if I had too say so myself. The lyrics is inspiree by my friends. How wome of them changed and I don’t feel like we are friends anymore. Also that I need new friends… Continue reading Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

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Hope in a straw

My business is my business, There’s no way to twist it, I am guilty and charged, I need to enlarge my feeling of being in charge, I want to create something, I want to love somebody, Like I’ve never been loved, I look for you in fear of me being shut up, I don’t want… Continue reading Hope in a straw

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Gilets jaunes

Climate change are on repeat, Every year the temperature is rising, The earth’s shaking under our feet, The so called Gilets Jaunes in france, With their yellow jackets are in the streets, Higher petrolum taxes is what Macron wants, The working class is against it, Cause for them is the largest cost, It’s a paradox… Continue reading Gilets jaunes