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Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

This song is qbout how we need to question our stands in life. Sometimes we do things just because we’ve been doing it for ages, so it is a sentimental thing. I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. I want to become more than I already am. Listen to Learning To Grow by Base… Continue reading Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

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Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

For more music by Base, go to: I think dis is my best song yet. I created a sick beat, if I had too say so myself. The lyrics is inspiree by my friends. How wome of them changed and I don’t feel like we are friends anymore. Also that I need new friends… Continue reading Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

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Cozy night at home, Not looking for anything precious, I look to the stone, There is a man with a foam, Looking like he is waiting too roam, I open the door, On a coldless night, I ask, My friend are you all right, He replied, Yes sir, Just sitting reminicing, About this girl, Why… Continue reading Mindfulness

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Hope in a straw

My business is my business, There’s no way to twist it, I am guilty and charged, I need to enlarge my feeling of being in charge, I want to create something, I want to love somebody, Like I’ve never been loved, I look for you in fear of me being shut up, I don’t want… Continue reading Hope in a straw

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Be prolific

My mouth is full, I have cleaned my room, Most importantly, I’ve spent time with family, The joy of playing with kids, Makes me feel so young, My mind is buzzing, With things to tell them, I think we should let kids be kids, They are not afraid, Atleast not afraid to tell their mind,… Continue reading Be prolific

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Groovin’ at night

Where are you now, My inspiration of all inspirations, Are you sweeping the floor, Are you done clouding my imagination, I need your love, Your smile and laughter, Once upon a time always on my mind, From here on after, I need to communicate better, My inner most feelings, It’s just that when I’m talking,… Continue reading Groovin’ at night

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Yes we can

What time is it, Let’s look at it this way, If were going the wrong way, We are shattered, If what we see live up to our expectations, We are screaming, No more left behind, The gates are closed, When I look at you, You don’t seem scared, But I know you got to be,… Continue reading Yes we can

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No country for old men

What is life? What,s coming after, Like two people meeting, In the face of laughter, I don’t know the origin, Of peoples sorrows, All I know is it’s frightening, Everything that’s shallow, I hope to let you know, That it was faith, That made the story told, I will die young, Because my mind ain’t… Continue reading No country for old men