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Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

This song is qbout how we need to question our stands in life. Sometimes we do things just because we’ve been doing it for ages, so it is a sentimental thing. I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. I want to become more than I already am. Listen to Learning To Grow by Base… Continue reading Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

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Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

For more music by Base, go to: I think dis is my best song yet. I created a sick beat, if I had too say so myself. The lyrics is inspiree by my friends. How wome of them changed and I don’t feel like we are friends anymore. Also that I need new friends… Continue reading Base – Back To Life – SoundCloud

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My way

I like Kevin Hart, His charisma is a blessing, Maybe he got it from his mama, Mama africa is a state of mind, I don’t lie about time, I don’t crave walking the line, Bushes are sinking in the water, Looking hotter and hotter, Svelling feeling of honey, Making cash money, Working till dawn to… Continue reading My way

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Groovin’ at night

Where are you now, My inspiration of all inspirations, Are you sweeping the floor, Are you done clouding my imagination, I need your love, Your smile and laughter, Once upon a time always on my mind, From here on after, I need to communicate better, My inner most feelings, It’s just that when I’m talking,… Continue reading Groovin’ at night

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Sporadic in the attic

What is the point, I don’t want to fail and disappoint, I look for you, In the middle and front, And you in the back, I lack a beat to my track, Why not use up space, Or re-organize my thoughts, I then seem to loose faith, I hope I can start travelling, Live my… Continue reading Sporadic in the attic

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Yes we can

What time is it, Let’s look at it this way, If were going the wrong way, We are shattered, If what we see live up to our expectations, We are screaming, No more left behind, The gates are closed, When I look at you, You don’t seem scared, But I know you got to be,… Continue reading Yes we can