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Don’t fake it

Is it better to leave words unspoken, Of course you can’t talk, With your mouth broken, Leaving to rest, I don’t quit before I pass the test, What do you want me to say, I can’t be bothered, By crazy thoughts every day, When I drop the mic, Let me know if you can feel… Continue reading Don’t fake it

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No country for old men

What is life? What,s coming after, Like two people meeting, In the face of laughter, I don’t know the origin, Of peoples sorrows, All I know is it’s frightening, Everything that’s shallow, I hope to let you know, That it was faith, That made the story told, I will die young, Because my mind ain’t… Continue reading No country for old men

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Death is beautiful

Death is bound to happen, So why fear it? Everybody is going to die, Doesn’t that bring a little comfort, Why focus on the negative? Instead you should be focusing on, What you have control over, The things that make life worth living, And do it to the fullest, Because since we are going to… Continue reading Death is beautiful