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Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

This song is qbout how we need to question our stands in life. Sometimes we do things just because we’ve been doing it for ages, so it is a sentimental thing. I don’t want to be a sheep anymore. I want to become more than I already am. Listen to Learning To Grow by Base… Continue reading Learning To Grow – SoundCloud

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Cozy night at home, Not looking for anything precious, I look to the stone, There is a man with a foam, Looking like he is waiting too roam, I open the door, On a coldless night, I ask, My friend are you all right, He replied, Yes sir, Just sitting reminicing, About this girl, Why… Continue reading Mindfulness

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My way

I like Kevin Hart, His charisma is a blessing, Maybe he got it from his mama, Mama africa is a state of mind, I don’t lie about time, I don’t crave walking the line, Bushes are sinking in the water, Looking hotter and hotter, Svelling feeling of honey, Making cash money, Working till dawn to… Continue reading My way

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Damn hard

It’s so complicated some times, Having a good time is hard, I don’t want to judge so I sit back, With the coffee in my hand, Looking at the stars, I don’t want to waste time, The intricate things in life, Are always blissful too me, I don’t like ass-kissing, Either show respect or get… Continue reading Damn hard

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Sporadic in the attic

What is the point, I don’t want to fail and disappoint, I look for you, In the middle and front, And you in the back, I lack a beat to my track, Why not use up space, Or re-organize my thoughts, I then seem to loose faith, I hope I can start travelling, Live my… Continue reading Sporadic in the attic

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I am open to new experiences, The bubble I live in is getting bigger, The thoughts I put in my mind are getting stronger, I am free finally, The dark has let go, I am in wonderland, The magical place where everything goes right, I don’t wish to be a bore, But I can’t imagine… Continue reading Wonderland