When your body’s not working

It’s early in the morning,

And you have been sleeping 6 hours,

Hear the alarm clock ringing,

You think that went fast,

The alarm buzz is of course annoying you,

But you say to yourself,

I got a job interview,

I can’t be late,

You pull yourself up from the bed,

You notice you have a headache,

Also you feel tired and vulnerable some how,

Taking on your clothes,

Takes longer than usual,

You feel like your in a rush,

Maybe it’s just that I have had a bad night,

Going into the kitchen,

Taking a deep breath,

You begin feeling calmer,

But something feels wrong,

It’s like you feel smaller,

Less capable,

Eating becomes a struggle,

Even brushing your teeth,

Come on you say to yourself,

I have to be ready for my job interview,

Clock begins ticking,

You rush out of your home,

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