Get a job

No prob I’ll get a job,

I am done standing around,

Like I am some kind of slob,

Steal and rob is not my kind of job,

I am diligent,

I am a law abiding citizen,

Too bad they see it as frivolent,

I try to be mimmicking,

All I get are bad looks,

The life I thought I wanted,

I took,

Now I need to find new root,

People say I am a nice human,

They don’t know,

All the trouble I am doing,

But mostly I am on the bed,

Not feeling fine but not bad,

I am glad for what I have,

I need to slow down,

Focusing my mind

Get my feet off the bed,

To be able to stand on the ground,

I think it is funny,

But how can I get more money

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