like2read back in effect

Good to be back

As some of you may know I’ve been working hard with my music. It’s taken me some time to work on it, and as much as it’s been fun, I also miss connecting with people in the writing genre. What I’ve experienced making poems is that no other craft has the ability to tell so much in a minimalistic way. It makes me think that writing poems is an ability that would benefit most people. I’d encourage you to try it out. If you like to find inspiration take a quick google search for poems or you could read one of mine.

What I have learned

Too be honest I wouldn’t think I’d get back to writing poems, but as I’ve learned so far is that the benefits are much better than I thought. I encourage you to read, like and follow my blog (either through mail or WordPress), so I can share my effort with you. I’ll make sure to not spam your wall or send to many emails. Anyway, have a great morning, day, evening, night, depending on where your from. Thanks!

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