Screaming into the microphone,

I can’t hear a thing,

I don’t know why my voice is low,

Then I hear a ring,

It’s a pocket dial,

I just export a file,

Still work on my rhymes,

I am not like grime,

Watching out for likes,

I ride the light,

I am totally in my mind,

I don’t get the signs,

Watching my steps,

My mind is wrecked,

Everybody got checked,

I am the best,


      1. Ah that’s fantastic to hear. Either way, let me know what you’re into, what music you make and I’ll do a little promotion my side? Always down for sharing music for up and coming musicians. Lmk.

        1. I make hip hop about love and friendship, life lessons, daily life and the psyche. I began December 2019, and I have loved it since. It would be great if you would showcase my music. I can send you some if you want, then you can choose what you will promote?

          1. Cool. I just have some school work to get done, but then I’ll get back to you

          2. haha awh the instruments are bliss and your lyrics are commendable! I really enjoyed them to be fair. Well played, sir. Well played.

          3. Haha awh I love them! The instrumentals are simply bliss and your spoken word/rap work is simply commendable! I really like I Wanna and The Best Me (I Can Be) – well played, sir. Well played.

          4. Hiya yeah, I’m planning on returning to my Hidden Gems series soon over the weekend, so I’ll certainly see if I can squeeze you in 😉

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