Scorched the earth

We’ve just scorched the earth,

Our future is bound,
We can be sad and happy,
At the same time,
People are feeling angry,
I just wanna rhyme,
We have learned a lot,
The issues are hot,
Let’s see how we should steer the pot,
Are we cut from the same cloth,
My heart is sought,
Burning our progress down I think not,

We are just a tiny organism,
We need to question,
Find the life lesson,
You’ll know when you’ve found it,
You will feel an impression,
Break out the glass,
Ring the alarm,
Making outfits with yarn,
I am for a small town with barn,
We may be a mistake,
How do we know,
If we are awake,
Scary like a scarecrow,
Who will take the bait,
I don’t think we have a faith,


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