I want a girlfriend

I want a girlfriend,
In case the world ends,
I want to make amends,
Because I have felt shame,
I want to dance in the rain,
Cause I don’t want to feel pain,
I feel the blood pumping in my veins,
I am not really sane,

I want too travel the world,
I am a free bird,
Will you miss me when I am gone,
I will play our favorite song,
I want anything that ain’t wrong,
I don’t feel alone,
I can feel the adrenaline,
Like a cars engine,
I want to give away a ring,
Sing the songs I wanna sing,
I am looking forward,
to what the future will bring,

Sweet as

Sweet as the river,
Bitter as the pole,
My body may shiver,
But it’s my hate you stole,
I do my duty,
I do what I am told,
You are acting stupid,
It’s time to fold,

Sweet as a tummy,
Meat feels yummy in my belly,
There is nothing you can tell me,
That can change that,
I see magic,
pulling meat out the hat,
Salty feelings I can’t devour,
Time is healing so it’s sour,
Getting money by the hour,
In noones favour,

A reason to live

It’s good to be alive,

But somethings may haunt you,

With good vibes we can thrive,

Beat any obstacle,

We all come in different shape,

We give and we take,

To be fully awake,

Means one step further from the grave,

If there is a life to save,

Be smiling every day,

Cause you never know what may come your way,

Say what you want to say,

Live life to the fullest,

Cause what else is there to do,

You got to push it,

For something new to come through,

Glass of Coke

As I sip this glass,

I think about the taste,

I love this drink,

I got to say,

It’s the perfect drink,

I don’t want it any other way,

I think a coke a day,

Would keep the doctor away,

I know I am wrong,

But on my statement I’ll stay,

I sip this coke enjoying my day,


paper set on fire reading time

Spending time alone,

Time stops,

Where did it go,

I look at the clock,

I got potatoes in the pot,

Still hard as a rock,

I can’t wait to eat chocolate,

Sit down and watch tv,

I got money in my pocket,

I don’t wanna sound sleazy,

Pressing the charger into the socket,

I am going to watch netflix,

Tinder got me looking,

For the next door chick,

I am waiting for my food,

Listening to biggies greatest hit’s,

I am on the Tupac diss,

It’s a picture of a fist,

I keep my hands in a twist,

I am ready to eat,

I got beef in my fridge,

I forget about time,

Cause I got what I need,

Potatoes are almost ready,

I am glad I am going to eat,

It’s something about working out,

That keeps your mind clear,

I have some carrots and brussel sprouts,

I am going to cook them up,

Then I am all out,

One moment pass by,

in a blink,

I don’t like keeping the water running,

But now my mind goes in the sink,

I see time shrink,

It disappears so quick,

Still I am happy not sick,

I am dumbglad,

I know I have a plan,

Love story

Stack of blocks reading love

There’s so much going on,

But I stay strong,

There’s many doubters,

And a few who hold on,

Don’t listen to the rumors,

You know we have special bond,

I keep watching myself in the mirror,

Waiting for you to call my phone,

This is like Romeo and Juliet,

A true love story,

I keep reminiscing about how we first met,

From zero to glory,

That’s how I felt,

I became a person with no worries,

I still am,

No reason to hurry,

I am no longer in quicksand,

There is a lion inside,

Everytime I think of you I roar,

Coming home from a workout,

My body is sore,

You are at my core,

I keep wanting more,

It’s like it’s new all over again,

You are my best friend,

Inside ourselves

Woman stature antique

Inside ourselves we may find shells,

Unseen treasure of true wealth,

You make a dance inside you,

Cause you know you’ve found truth,

As you have found the fountain of youth,

Inside you lies power of being,

It tells you the stories you want to be seeing

It’s like a television always on,

It got the power to create,

The magic is strong

What you got in your pocket,

May not show you were your at,

The storm inside you makes all thing new,

As people travel they know themselves better,

Being able to battle every type of weather,

When people smile they show what’s inside,

You can’t see it with your eyes,

It’s what keeps us alive,