Good for nothing

Ain’t that bad that it’s good for nothing,

Aking up to something cooking,

I peak through the window,

When nobofy is looking,

In my underwear I deserve a booking,

Ain’t that bad that it’s good for nothing,

I used to be smoking,

I am broke so I am begging,

Where is my life heading,

I need an awakening


I believe in miracles,

Thinking is me being spiritual,

I do more than usual,

I am youthful

I am content,

I have family and friends,

I can call one of them,

They all are my gems,

I like to spend time alone,

Plug out my phone,

Lay back and listen to a song,

I am moved with feelings,

Faith keeps me working,

Be good

Do good be good,
That’s how it should be,
Be in the hood love the hood,
Follow your family tree,
People are gonna see,
You can’t play me,
I am gonna ride,
Like snoop D-O double G,

One day you’ll be good,
What you should,
No more bud,
Just laugh in the mud,
From the bottom,
Into the tower,
I scream louder,
Now that I am older,

Friendship burried

I was looking at this girl,
Dressed in a pink skirt,
I felt I lost my self worth,
And it did hurt,
I wanted to talk to her,
I thought I hadn’t a chance in the world,
And I wasn’t first,
Somebody walked over,
I couldn’t hear what he said,
I imagined he said,
He wanted her to go to bed,
I lost my head,
I started yelling at him,
Calling him names,
Then I realised my sin,
I felt a lot of shame,
He was my best friend,
Now I had trespassed him,
I said I am sorry,
No girl in the world,
Can make me worry,
He didn’t accept and our friendship was burried,