Break free by Base

Hi, it’s Base with a new song called break free. my second hip hop song. It’s really been a great experience for me making music. I couldn’t possibly image it was this good! Let me know in the comments what you think about this one. Oh, the song is about letting free from yourself blocking… Continue reading Break free by Base


Base – Burning desire

Hello good people. I hope you are great. I am just splendid right now. I can’t explain. I’ll tell you why. For the last two weeks I’ve worked with creating my first hip hop song. It’s just crazy how time flies when you do something you enjoy. My time spent making the beat and working… Continue reading Base – Burning desire

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Plan ahead

When I groove I look moosey, I can’t stand the pity, I hope you laugh of me, Come on and tell a joke, That’s witty, Calculated messes of potato salad, Too much grinding for a ballad, Hokus pokus no more joking, Time too focus, It’s bed time and you know what happens, I become excited… Continue reading Plan ahead

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I want to kill a mouse

New cat on the block, Swift and straight in the knot, It looks yellow and is hot, Breakdancing through and through, Looking for the spot and being hopeful, Masking his eyes with glasses, Being all thoughtful, I am smoking a cigarette and walking in the bar, Oh it’s the club, haha, I came to rock… Continue reading I want to kill a mouse

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Cozy night at home, Not looking for anything precious, I look to the stone, There is a man with a foam, Looking like he is waiting too roam, I open the door, On a coldless night, I ask, My friend are you all right, He replied, Yes sir, Just sitting reminicing, About this girl, Why… Continue reading Mindfulness

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Hope in a straw

My business is my business, There’s no way to twist it, I am guilty and charged, I need to enlarge my feeling of being in charge, I want to create something, I want to love somebody, Like I’ve never been loved, I look for you in fear of me being shut up, I don’t want… Continue reading Hope in a straw

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Too fill a void

My mind is maid up, I don’t need a plan, I survive by force, Being who I am, I don’t fear the worst, I expect it, So when I face problems, I don’t question it, I just live it, Nike says just do it, I say give it up, Stop remembering and think new, So… Continue reading Too fill a void

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Alexander for your service

Why are people so lame sometimes, They are so boring and so ill, They poision you with they’re thoughts all the time, Pressing they’re opinion on you like you’re going to change your mind, At christmas time it’s so loud, Every noise they make is bound in time, Shouting and laughing nervously, I don’t know… Continue reading Alexander for your service

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Peace to the streets

Is something wrong, My mind is blocked, Leeves hooping up in my yard, Got to pay the rent, Fix the car, Is there a meaning behind this, I always expect the worst, My mind is locked behind the doors, Waiting for someone to burst, I hid the key and now I’m trapped, I am sinking… Continue reading Peace to the streets